OSINT blog: You Sunk My Battleship


Another pandemic Friday night in, another OSINT challenge to find a mate using GEOINT. In our Discord server we have a channel called 'opsec fail club' where, occassionally, someone will challenge others to geolocate them exactly. It's a fun thing to do when bored and good to practise and refine your OSINT skills.

Starting point:

Using the above image I was able to find where @BigLDP was located exactly. I began with checking for battleships in the US that were musems. I came across USS Intrepid - one of the most visited in the world:

The ship @BigLDP was on was not USS Intrepid, however, but does still look like an Essex-classs aircraft carrier. So I was on the right track. After going through the list of post-war rebuilds I found one that was a museum - USS Lexington aka CV-16 or "The Blue Ghost". 

I was able to find the directions and satellite images of USS Lexington and all I need to do now was confirm @BigLDP's exact location. 

And in a few steps, it was possible to geolocate the screenshot. Thanks to @BigLDP for the fun OSINT challenge.

Links to the pages in the screenshots:

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