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Tips for Investigating Cybercrime Infrastructure

I'm surprised this is my first blog of 2023, but I have been more busy than usual. My work at the Equinix Threat Analysis Center (ETAC) has been very engaging and when I'm not chasing cyber bad guys with ETAC I'm writing down how to do it as I'm developing SANS FOR589: Cybercrime Intelligence .  While researching packers and crypters (that are used to obfuscate malware code, like VMProtect or UPX), I came across a site in the search results billing itself as a generic "FUD Crypter" as-a-Service type offering (FUD = Fully Undetectable in cybercriminal lingo). The website "fudcrypter[.]io" is still online and looks pretty amateurish to me and was ripe for investigating. Figure 1: Screenshot of the FUD Crypter website I navigated around the site and hovered over some of the buttons and found redirects to another website called "data-encoder[.]com". This second site, however, was offline at the time I tried to visit it. But using a coveted CTI