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Strengthening Proactive CTI Through Collaboration

Those who have worked in our industry for a certain amount of time will be acutely aware that executives often encounter information security media articles and flag them to their teams.  This is something myself and my peers at other organizations also face. So I decided to write about it, expand my thoughts, offer some tips from my experience and research to hopefully provide a practical solution for a common problem. This usually prompts inquiries to the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Team who have to do their best to provide timely and accurate answers, reassuring their executive stakeholders everything is OK or being handled.  This often leads to shepherding various Cybersecurity Teams to acquire these answers. G etting to the stage whereby timely and accurate responses can always be provided can be a bit of a mountain to climb, especially for newly created CTI Teams. An Ideal 7-STEP Solution  While inevitable, these interactions can be optimized to enhance organizational resilie