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Tracking Adversaries: UAC-0050, Cracking The DaVinci Code

In this blog, we shall investigate a Russia-based mercenary group that has appeared in multiple CERT-UA reports after sending waves of spam to Ukrainian organisations. These mercenaries use tried and tested tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that are low effort, but operationally functional. This includes use of off-the-shelf commodity crimeware as well as legitimate remote management and monitoring (RMM) tools. These mercenaries also are notable as they have low operational security (OPSEC) and offer their services publicly, to Russians, via Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, various cybercrime forums, as well as their own websites. Background on UAC-0050 A report by the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) on 22 February 2024 shared a notable statement of attribution to a threat group tracked as UAC-0050 that CERT-UA has shared updates on several times already. The CERT-UA team and other security researchers online believe that UAC-0050 is linked to a Rus