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OSINT blog: Reunion in Scotland

  The Beer Farmers recently issued a geo-location OSINT challenge with a mystery prize for the first person to find them.  Under time pressure, I put my OSINT skills to the test to see how difficult it would be to find them.  Some Saturday fun. Where are @SeanWrightSec and @AppSecBloke in this photo? First to get it right wins something. @netsecfocus knows what it's like to win a prize from us. #HereForYou — The Beer Farmers (@TheBeerFarmers) September 11, 2021 I examined the image closely, looking for any clues. The first thing I think everyone would have immediately noticed was the large greek-style columns behind Mike and Sean. These would come in handy later when roaming the streets on Google Maps.  The second thing I noticed was a backwards JD Sports logo (a highstreet clothing brand in the UK). Therefore, I realised the image was flipped horizontally, so I flipped it back: The task was then to locate which JD Sports this was going to be. Judgin

How Do You Run A Cybercrime Gang?

Cybercrime has many forms, the most common of which is theft and fraud. Aspiring cybercriminals may begin with off-the-shelf malware or phishing kits and run amateur, but profitable, campaigns. Banking Trojans were the next step up, which intercept and manipulate connections during online banking procedures for exploitation and wire fraud. Several infamous groups that graduated from these campaigns went on to form organised crime syndicates and launch 'big game hunting' ransomware campaigns. Ransomware in particular, has caused mass disruption on a national level and huge financial losses. This blog will explore three top-tier cybercrime syndicates which are tracked by the private cybersecurity industry as EvilCorp, WizardSpider, and FIN7. These threat actors are financially motivated cybercriminals whose campaigns have become a scourge to organisations and society at large. So much so, that they are closely tracked by intelligence agencies and international law enforcement. Fi