OSINT blog: Key West

 One way to improve your OSINT skills is to practice. Practice makes perfect as they say. 

Thanks @JakeCreps, I'll take it from here. Let's start by visiting the stream, the initial piece of intelligence provided:

I immediately noticed the "CIDBW0008" and it looks like a possible address or unique identifier to me.

A quick search of "CIDBW0008" brought me to:

Clicking on one of these links brought me to a Facebook page that also shares this live video feed, giving us a new location "Galleon Marina":

I then searched up "Galleon Marina":

This location lines up with the title of the intital YouTube stream's location. I then searched 'Front Street' from the title:

Via scanning around on Google Street Maps, I was able to find the two buildings present in the stream:

We have a confirmed location (24.560548,-81.8055718). Now to find the camera:

Mission accomplished.

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